Terra Projects was founded with the understanding that there is a difference between architecture and buildings.

Architecture is one of cultivated attention to how space can effect the quality of life for those who enter. Our thinking regarding buildings is one of great concern, as many buildings are simply pictorial representations of a borrowed and second-hand idea. Similar to plagiarism in painting within the art world, buildings that are produced by a second-hander inherently lack the integrity that comes from individual thought. Conversely, an individual devoted to the creation of architecture; a life-time commitment to the educated shaping of space, is one that takes on the responsibility for how built environment exists hundreds of years into the future.

This understanding comes from Founder, D.C. Irwin’s completion of the 5-year accredited architecture program at Pratt Institute, which according to Architectural Record is in the top 10 ranked programs in the world (2019). His apprenticeship working under architects including Pfeiffer Partners and David Rockwell, has amassed him over 4,000 hours in apprenticeship.

Based on each project location, Terra Projects partner with local Licensed Engineers and Architects (EOR/ AOR) to ensure the highest quality for each project and act as Design Architect.