Terra Projects is a creative studio founded in 2013 and operates under the presupposition that there exists an opportunity today to create impactful experience through the built environment like never before.

Our work attempts to bottle visceral experience and to concretize it as spaces and materials transform into accretions of steeped-intimacy, manifesting in the built environment around the world.

Currently we are designing residential projects in Joshua Tree, California and writing about our ideas of Ruralism & Architecture with Terra Almanac.

When necessary,Terra Projects partner with local Licensed Architects. To see if your project will need Terra Projects & a Licensed Architect please view this Building and Safety Handout for a general outline of what the design team will need to look like. The founder of Terra Projects is on track for Licensure as an Architect in the State of California having completed the appropriate Apprenticeship hours (5,000+) as well as 5-year accredited education receiving his bachelors in Architecture from Pratt Institute.

Terra Projects Advisors:

Upon Request we are happy to share with you our close circle of advisors. These persons span the worlds of art, architecture and real estate development; the needed trifecta to achieve meaningful built projects in the world.

Terra Projects Clients:

We work with clients we love and find that this is the only way to successfully create projects. Past clients include founding employees of Uber, Government NGO’s and University Professors. From time to time we also serve as our own client.

Terra Projects Collaborators:

Cory Watson (tp001_display)

Jason Golob (tp001_display)

Colin Burton (tp001_display)

James Freeman (tp001_display)

Howard Yoon (tp001_display)

Kyle Sola’ (tp001_display)

Steven Palomo (tp001_display)

Mackenzie Leighton (tp001_display)

Katherine Kania (tp001_display)

Eugene Lubomir (tp002_touch)

Alexis Convento (tp002_touch)

The Roos Brothers (tp003_obelisk)

Brian Gonzalez (tp004_secrets)

Renzo Vitale (tp004_secrets)

Gemma Flemming (tp004_secrets)

James Donovan (tp004_secrets)

Michael Dolatowski(tp005_rhizome)

Isobel Thompson-Moss(tp005_rhizome)

Katherine Kania (tp005_rhizome)

Graham Hiemstra (tp006_rig)

Dr. Konrad Steffen (tp006_rig)

Peter Doolittle (tp010_holy topo)

Scott Perry (tp011_basecamp)

Dmitry Polyakov (tp017_fragment house)