What Does It Mean To Escape From The City?

project name: rhizome 

location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

client: Brooklyn Bridge Park Alliance

collaborators: Mike Dolatowski, Isobel Herbold and Katherine Kania

We started off trying to make a secret garden for urbanites to get away from the hectic chaos of the city. Brooklyn Bridge Park bought a couple and Rhizome's have also made appearences at several resorts in North America.  

How Can We Make A Sculpture Breathe?

project name: tell me your secrets

location: Meat Packing, NYC

client: Contaminate NYC

collaborators: James Donovan, Gemma Flemming , Brian Gonzalez and Renzo Vitale

year: 2012

Originally a four-hour performative interactive sound installation, Tell Me Your Secrets glimpses inside a claustrophobic mirrored chamber of vulnerability, in which a performer hears the assemblage of various secrets (previously confessed by an external live audience), while she cathartically reinterprets what she is hearing

What If We Rethought The Gallery Experience?

project name: touch

location: Kristen Hansen Gallery, TriBeca, NYC

client: Contaminate NYC

collaborators: Eugene Lubomir, Alexis Convento

year: 2012

We were asked by Contaminate to create an installation that has to do with 'sustainability'. We said, Okay- how do people usually interact with their environment? An answer we came upon was that most people simply take it in and aren't forced to question their surroundings- so that is just what we did.

Hanging geometric objects in space, this installation was about engaging people and having their comfort zones pushed.