D.C. Irwin

D.C. Irwin works at the art and science of enabling activities and happenings, be they random or planned that otherwise could not occur in the built environment. They could occur over the telephone, in a love letter and in a book, however he asks, why can these activities and happenings not occur in architecture? What can we do to change the insensitivity of architecture?

Winner of the Rosenfeld travel grant for outstanding thesis project from Pratt Institute's school of architecture, D.C. graduated Magna Cum Laude. He has built work in Munich Germany (tp001_DIS-PLAY), San Francisco, California (tp010_HOLY TOPO), has shown his illustrations at the American Institute of Architects' San Francisco Chapter (tp000_drawings) and has presented work at The Explorer's Club in Manhattan (tp006_R.I.G.).

Invited to develop the concept design for IONS-Earthrise Retreat Center (tp008_ARCANA) located in Petaluma, California, D.C. proposed a new campus masterplan along with a series of buildings for the 194 acre, $20 Million dollar campus renovation. The design was based on the archetypical tradition that is the tarot of Marseilles along with Corten Steel and stick-built construction techniques.

At twenty-two years old and over the course of several months, he assisted Lebbeus Woods where he transcribed an interview between the late architect and the Pritzker Prize recipient, Thom Mayne. In this interview they discussed aspects of Urbanism and their pedagogical proclivities.

D.C. Irwin grew up on Long Island where his father is a fisherman and his mother is an alternative medicine practitioner.


Walter Scott Perry, AIA Joint Venture Partner, Terra Projects Advisor & SoCal AOR

Founder of Los Angeles based Ecotech Design, Walter Scott Perry has a B.A. and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He is Co-chair of COTE LA, a member of AIA and licensed to practice architecture in California, New York, New Mexico and New Jersey.  He holds an NCARB certificate.

His work has been built around the United States including being the Project Architect for the ecological icon BioSphere 2 as well as private residences in the Mojave Desert.