Myth and Architecture II

It occurs to me that today there is a lack of wonder in our buildings and cities. By traveling, the newness of a place certainly brings a certain amount of, let us say novelty or at best sound-appreciation.

Upon settling-in to a new place; let us say this can be defined as at minimum 3 months time, we can say that we are now living somewhere sans-effervescence. Living in a place and perhaps now at least partially of this place and integrated with our being. This is when we can truly see if we have architecture in a place or simply buildings.

image source  Kellogg-Doolittle House by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

image source Kellogg-Doolittle House by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

How is it that we can recognize the difference? Well, of course it is the feeling in which you get in the pit of your stomach upon entering a space. This can be with your physical body or with your eyes. And I wager this must be measured on the instinctual level twice. Once upon the first chance occurrence and again after living in an area. The reason for the two times is simple. We must see that you have still the mythical, child-like awe that is so easy to loose as an adult.

If after the second time you felt nothing however in the first you were struck with rapture you must review yourself. Have you now seen the true essence of this work? OR Have you simply blocked out the beauty by your sluggish thinking? Only you will know the answer to these questions.

This excitement that one feels– enraptured bliss, is a remarkable experience that transcends normal feelings of space and time. Let it light your way.

D.C. Irwin

11 January, 2019

Joshua Tree, California

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