Terra Projects began as a inquiry into what we choose to make in today’s world.

Based in the Mission District of San Francisco, our focus is on designing civic projects and experimental research projects that blend science and spirituality.

Our recent Concept Design for the Institute of Noetic Science , a retreat center in northern California, takes on both the initial Master Plan as well as the design of the Discovery & Exploration Center. This center serves as the backbone for scientific findings at the Institute. Currently being designed in the studio is Project Habitat, a mobile research habitation being designed for world renown alpinist, Jost Kobusch.

David Irwin is an architect and artist that graduated from Pratt Institute magna cum laude where he was awarded the Norman Rosenfeld Prize for distinguished thesis project for his work designing a new scientific research center in western Greenland.

Growing up on Long Island, he fished the beaches with his Dad and watched his Mom provided various energy healing modalities to her clients. David's architectural work begins to look at the over lap between science and spirituality. He uses concepts that develop architecture from simple ideas tied to archetypal research.

David has worked for world renown architect Lebbeus Woods, architect David Rockwell and founded The Terra Projects to provide story and poetics for clients looking to have spiritual resonance present in their buildings.

David serves on the Design Board of The Zoological Lighting Institute and is the founder of the Terra Research Institute.